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About ThinkTankers

What is ThinkTankers
Founded originally in late 2009 by Mounir Rochdi, an international expert in Strategic Intelligence, ThinkTankers is officialised in May 2013 to group African experts (including the diaspora) in the areas of Strategic Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Knowledge Management, strategy and security of information systems and Collective Intelligence.

Why ThinkTankers
The aim of ThinkTankers is to actively participate in the development and improvement of the overall approach to Economic Intelligence in Africa. This approach is based on best practices from European and North American countries mixed with African specifications. ThinkTankers experts participate in conferences, workshops, seminars, training, awareness, expertise and help public and private organizations in the development of their competitiveness. Each ThinkTanker dedicates at least ten days per year to implement ThinkTankers activities in Africa..

Who is behind ThinkTankers
ThinkTankers brings together business leaders, researchers, teachers, journalists, practitioners, representatives of public institutions and representatives of civil associations. They are from many countries such as Algeria, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Canada, Ethiopia, USA, France, Kenya, Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia, Uganda.

Who can become a ThinkTanker
Each member of ThinkTankers has at least 10 years of experience in its fields of competences. He must speak 3 languages at least. Moreover, to become a ThinkTankers, you need to be recommended by two active ThinkTankers members at least.
Also non-African people can also, under certain conditions, participate as volunteers to support our missions. The final goal is the development of African competitiveness.
If you would like to become a ThinkTanker, you can send your application by clicking here. You need to accept our Ethic charter.

Les ThinkTankers

ThinkTankers | Think Decide and Act | Penser, Décider et Agir | فكر ،قرر وتصرف