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Your project / your need

You have a project and you are looking for a recognized international expert to help you. Your project concerns a conference, seminar, audit, diagnosis, recommendations, training, awareness or implementation in the areas of Economic Intelligence, Market Intelligence, Innovation, Knowledge Management, Information Analysis and sharing, collaborative work, setting up an expert network or information protection. We can assist you!

ThinkTankers intervention steps

1- Receiving and assessing your request
You send us your request using the contact form. Please write some details about your needs. We will evaluate it and will ask you to provide more details if necessary. Once your need is well understood and validated on the basis of several criteria (real need, development impact, motivations of the sender, estimated needed time, country of intervention, etc.) ThinkTankers will check the availability of an expert to analyze your request and respond positively or negatively to it.

2- Identify an expert and linking
If the expert validates and accepts a project, he will directly contact the applicant’s organization in order to submit his CV / references and organize his intervention.
Our experts can intervene on a voluntary basis under two conditions:
- Travel and accommodation expenses must be covered by the applicant.
- the duration of a mission must not exceed 3 consecutive days (excluding travel).
Experts may also be involved in a development project funded by an international body or by the applicant’s organization if the duration is longer.

If the applicant does not accept the proposed expert, ThinkTankers may, under certain conditions, identify another member who may respond to the request. If the applicant refuses a second proposed expert, his project can no longer be supported on a voluntary basis.

3- Definition of intervention conditions
The selected expert explains to the applicant the project implementation plan. He develops with him, if necessary, the terms of reference (ToR) for his mission and the expected deliverables. A work agenda is provided for the mission. In the case of a seminar or conference, the presentation material will be considered as the expected deliverable.

The assignment may be carried out under an intervention mandate or contract between the ThinkTanker expert and the applicant himself. ThinkTankers only takes care of project’s evaluation and linking with an expert. ThinkTankers cannot be held responsible for project’s implementation and work progress. Those are under the expert’s responsibility.

4- Feedback and work’s evaluation
The applicant can contact ThinkTankers to report a problem or to request additional support from other experts. The expert already in charge of the mission should, in this case, explain the situation. ThinkTankers will then take appropriate measures accordingly, such as banning the expert if the work has not been done seriously or if the expected deliverables don’t meet ThinkTankers quality specifications. ThinkTankers can also involve another expert in the project or re-evaluate the application if it has evolved over time.

ThinkTankers | Think Decide and Act | Penser, Décider et Agir | فكر ،قرر وتصرف