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Caroline SACK KENDEM (Cameroun / Cameroon)

Caroline SACK KENDEM is real entrepreneur. After 2 years working in a TV private company in Cameroon in 1995, as a financial manager she decided to set up her own textile company. Brodwell was a limited company producing swimwear for the European market. At that time she employed 20 women. Caroline always fought for women promotion and empowerment .

3 years after starting her company BRODWELL, she exceed her objectives in terms of sales and she has been identified by the USAID via the West Africa Trade hub as being “export ready” for the US market under AGOA.
She won an award ( the third price) from Intertek Lab Service in New York on the topic of “Best Practice in Ethical Sourcing Worker Wellness » in 2005. Brodwell was then competing with huge brand like Mac Donald who won the first price.
In 2007, she decided to target the US market and 5 years later she employed over 200 women and signed a 2 million USD dollars contract with a US buyer for uniforms . That is when she was given as an example by former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Since 2010, and due to her extensive experience in exporting in Europ and in the US she has been elected President of ( ICOTEC) the Cameroon Textile Federation which regroups all the companies of the textile value chain of Cameroon including sme’s tailors, designers….During her position at ICOTEC, she has implemented a project of producing a large T shirts program through clusters, to be exported to the US using Cameroon cotton.

Today, Caroline SACK KENDEM wants her counterparts to learn from her experience. Reason why she became an international consultant ; She set up end 2012 a consulting firm called Ligne Rouge which provides consultancy services to companies, governments, International organization, NGO…. with focus on AGOA and EPA agreements
Since end 2012 she is International consultant for ITC (a technical branch of the United Nations) and she provides her expertise on the implementation of the Coton value chain strategy in the ECCAS zone
A part from this activity, Caroline Sack Kendem is passionated by fashion. She is right now launching an international ethnic lingerie brand.
Caroline SACK KENDEM has an MBA in Finance and marketing at the Univeristy of Scranton in Pennsylvania.

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